What people are saying about us.


“EPIC taught me that compassion is as much a creative tool as strategic thinking and brainstorming.”
Ashley Meroney, Project Manager

“Because of our intimate collaboration, our client, Organic School Project, discovered the value of strategy and design, while the EPIC team had the opportunity to flex their talents while making a difference.”
Mig Reyes, Interactive Designer, Threadless

“I was so thrilled to be included and encouraged to take part in the concept, planning and strategy…. That doesn’t happen all that often for a photographer!”
Roo Way, Photographer

“While all volunteer opportunities give you a chance to get that ‘warm-fuzzy’ feeling, it’s particularly nice when you get to use your skills and talents in the process.”
Kay Daly, Freelance Writer

“The advertising world can sometimes be perceived as aggressive and competitive, so it’s refreshing to come together with a group of people from different agencies to work towards a common goal. It’s so important to recognize that these creative talents can be put to use for positive social change.”
Katrina Limbaugh, VP, Communications Director, Energy BBDO & Proximity Chicago

“Everyone can provide a dollar here and a dollar there for nonprofits, but giving your time and talents is more deeply rewarding. Being able to have a project that you’re fully dedicated to and see it blossom makes more of an impact than any dollar I could donate.”
Kelly Stein, Strategist


“EPIC is a wonderful way for a creative person to be generous with his or her natural gifts, and that generosity comes back tenfold in the form of appreciation. I really got that our EPIC client valued our perspective, our ideas and partnership. It’s a huge psychic reward.”
Mark Drozd, Partner/Creative Director, Simple Truth

“At the very end of the last meeting, when we wrapped up reviewing the entire site with the client, the Executive Director looked at all of us and said: ‘This is just a dream come true.’ It was a great moment and everyone in the room had huge smiles on their faces!”
Kelly Kaminski, Creative Director, Owner of Grip Design

“Leading a rally allowed me to experience something rare in our industry: a team of motivated, creative people partnering with clients who appreciated everything that was being done for them.”
Tim Hogan, Partner/Creative Director, The Royal Order of Experience Design


“How can we ever thank you for assembling the team and doing such wonderful work? I hope you can understand the magnitude of your efforts, and how much good an organization like EPIC does.”
Barry Benson, Executive Director, Literacy Chicago

“The Organic School Project staff gasped in awe when we initially opened the home page. Awe, you guys. Everybody loves it, and we are so happy to finally be entering the 21st century with a website that works for us instead of against us!”
Sen Haines, Organic School Project

“We’ve gotten a ton of response in terms of volunteers. People see the new brand, which creates an emotional connection, and they’re like, ‘Hey, this is cool. I want be a part of that.’ “
Michael Stroka, President, American Nutrition Association


“Creative Circle is a national leader in the business of helping creative professionals find work, so we know how exciting it is to see people affect change with their creative skills. We help make it happen every day. That’s why we’re honored to be the first annual sponsor of EPIC, to help enable these professionals to use their passion, talents and drive in creating positive change for nonprofits.”
Dennis Masel, COO, Creative Circle, EPIC’s annual sponsor

“EPIC is a great way for Chicago-area creatives to share their innate gifts. And it’s exciting — working with other creative professionals you don’t know, for a client you’ve never heard of, in a concentrated time to create great things. It’s like agency improv.”
Mark Drozd, Creative Director/Partner, Simple Truth, EPIC’s agency sponsor

“I think this is going to have a lasting influence in Chicago, and perhaps beyond. Congratulations, and thank you for the opportunity to be a sponsor.”
Doug Hoogstra, Account Executive, Darwill Printing, EPIC partner


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